Monday, February 4, 2008

Roasting API Stories...At Facebook Camp Toronto

Back from Facebook Camp. The 3rd event, held in Toronto drew 450 attendees consisting of developers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

The Take Away Messages:

Growth - 15,108 approved Facebook apps currently on the site (it was 5,500 in October)
Expansion - Facebook apps are now being promoted outwardly so that they can exist on other sites (Beacon & Widgets)
Licensing - Facebook API is being licensed (Bebo being amongst its first clients) - feedback is already emerging
Clean-up - Working hard to combat application fatigue, Facebook is working towards optimizing the spam factor

Here are some selected highlights from the latest Canadian stats on the network:
  • There are 7.5 million active Facebook accounts in Canada:

    • 46% Ontario
    • 15% BC
    • 13% Alberta
    • 12% Quebec
    • 8% Maritimes
    • 3% Manitoba
    • 3% Saskatchewan

  • 18% are under 18
  • 44% Male – 56% Female
  • Total Page Views per month are 8.3 Billion compared to 50.2 Billion Globally
  • 59% of the Canadian users return every day compared to 45% globally
Source: Facebook Social Ads February 2008

The event had some interesting presentations. I’ll share some case studies and more information on the licensing with Bebo over the next couple of days.

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