Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SpotRunner Acquires Weblistic and gets a Sales & Planning Pipe

Los Angeles based Spot Runner, an innovative ad agency that is focused on making it easy and affordable for local businesses to advertise on TV announced its acquisition of the rapidly expanding local media agency, Weblistic today.

Freemont, CA based Weblistic has been around since the late 90’s when they developed the original technology behind YellowPages.com. Weblistic was formed as an agency to deliver cost-effective leads to local businesses. Services include SEM, SEO, distribution & online directory management and now quite clearly, online video production. The company has offices in Freemont, San Diego, New York and Vancouver.

SpotRunner was originally funded by Battery Ventures and Index Ventures but these two companies are joined by two of the world's largest advertising and marketing services companies, WPP and Interpublic Group, along with one the country's largest mass media companies, CBS Corporation. Together, these powerhouse names are backing Spot Runner's mission and vision as a company.

In January, the company shored up its national talent pool when it bought up GlobeShooter, a network of over 1,200 independent filmmakers, professional videographers, photographers, producers and production companies around the US.

On the media planning and client relations side, the acquisition of Weblistic will give SpotRunner an effective sales and strategy channel to leverage. Weblistic gets a broader client base out of the deal as SpotRunner has a large network spanning North America.

Simplifying the purchase of localized television was a tremendous step forward in the world of local media. The missing link was the ability to bundle it effectively into a comprehensive service offering. Weblistic brings the one-stop shop approach to the local business owner.

The move by SpotRunner was in my view simply smart.

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