Thursday, April 10, 2008

TrustPlus Mobilizes eBay Reputation Data

Building significantly on its offering for users looking to create portable reputations online, TrustPlus has just licensed eBay’s buyer/seller data to further enhance user reputation profiles. TrustPlus users now have the ability to add the valuable ratings they’ve built on eBay into their TrustPlus profiles.

Users of the TrustPlus system download badges that are visible on their profiles at partnering sites like Craigslist, FaceBook, MySpace and LinkedIn. With this new partner, existing users of the system are encouraged to securely import data from eBay and when they do, the eBay brand appears as part of the user’s reputation portfolio. Profile viewers are able to drill deeper into the user reputation details after clicking to display a slick profile dashboard.

The move is a timely one as TrustPlus has capitalized on eBay’s first forays into monetizing its reputation data. As an established player in the field of personal online reputation, TrustPlus remains a free service with upgrade services available to users. In April, TrustPlus surpassed the 1 million unique system users per month mark and Maggie Wells, Vice President, Business Development said that the recent deal has created an even greater uptake in downloads as well as user activity.

Deeply ensconcing itself in the trust game TrustPlus will soon be offering a payment service allowing users to pay for online transactions through its platform.

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