Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talk about EasyShare…Kodak Leverages Social Media

An interesting article came across Twitter (where else…) about the use of social networking by large brands to put out fires and respond to PR disasters in a timely fashion.

Kodak saw a serious miscommunication go through to press. Apparently, the Wall Street Journal published some financial information that was incorrect and possibly damaging to the company. Kodak and its public-relations firm, Eric Mower & Associates responded by using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and urged bloggers to clarify the issue and clear the air.

I like this story because it shows the day to day application power of social networking and shows that it has become a real vehicle that can be tapped into without over thinking strategies or weighing its value against other, more traditional means. A top Kodak official even recorded a video reply for YouTube as an extra precaution.

My favorite part of the story is that the damage control that was accomplished online through these tools was turned around almost immediately while the company had to wait for the WSJ to issue an official correction. Without the power of social media broadcasting, this company would have required a lot more time and budget to fix the mess.

Major media brands like CNN, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo all have corporate Twitter followings. What makes social media attractive is the super targeting capabilities. Messages can be broadcasted to the most influential groups very quickly.

It’s refreshing to see social media being used for communication other than straight advertising.

A realistic view of how the web is used today and total awareness of the tools within it saved Kodak from serious exposure.

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