Thursday, March 12, 2009

New York Daily News pushes the Needle...Creating a Social SMB Platform

An interesting press release hit my inbox today announcing that the largest and most widely read newspaper in the New York Metropolitan market, New York Daily News will be launching a Small Business Social Network.

“Upon launching, the site will provide readers with instant access to a network and connect with 500,000 small businesses, download sales leads and information about government grants, and gain access to free and valuable business tools”.

Toronto based, Sales Spider was selected as the partner to build (customize their solution) the New York Daily News’ site. Sales Spider was behind the launch of G&T’s social network (also targeted to small business). G&T's network was designed to help the company diversify into the services category.

At last year's Warrillow conference I really got the sense that this approach was starting to bubble. The solutions provider booths were very busy. I'm wondering now about duplication thresholds in the B2B resource category. Will this be a killer resource? How will business owners make the leap from reading as a consumer to harnessing as a small business owner?

Time will tell if this will open a real revenue stream for the newspaper. Until then, I am applauding New York Daily News for making a move. I'm also proud that they've chosen a Canadian company to build out this network.

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